How disappointed is the media that the US Ebola outbreak didn’t happen?

So the fears of an Ebola outbreak in the US were a tad overblown. Huh. I guess every single person that knows anything about the virus was correct after all. Who would have thought?
I was interviewed by FIVE media outlets, including the AP and Reuters, about the possibility of ISIS or Al Qaeda using Ebola in a terrorist attack. And yet, you will not find my name or any quotes from me in any Ebola articles that appeared. This was because I refused to give them what they wanted, no matter how many different ways they asked the question. Ebola would make a terrible weapon for a variety of reasons, most notably because it’s not actually very contagious and also because it has a long incubation period. Despite this, you will find plenty of articles and news segments discussing the possibility of Ebola being used in terrorism.

It’s almost as if the media has an agenda other than keeping us informed!

-NHL     (@nathanlents)


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