Lents Lab Members

Current Lab Members:

Co-Principle Investigator:

  • Hunter Johnson, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, John Jay College

Graduate Students:

  • Jessica Blandino

Undergraduate Students

  • Beatriz Mercado
  • Samantha Vee
  • José Galván
  • William (Billy) Higgins

Lents Lab Alumni:

Graduate Students

  • Tushar Srivastava, M.S., 2016. Currently: United Nations Environmental Programme (Geneva)
  • Bridgit Waithaka, M.S., 2015. Currently: Ph.D. Program at Max Planck Institute
  • Tetyana Foranova, M.S., 2014. Currently: Toxicologist, NYU Medical Center
  • Abhishek Venkatratnam, M.S. in Forensic Science, 2011; Ph.D. in Toxicology at the University of North Carolina, 2018.
  • Kathleen Grimley, M.S., 2009. Currently: Criminalist, Federal Bureau of Investigation


  • Zenab Khan, B.S., 2017. Currently: Interviewing for PhD programs (incluing Cornell)
  • Julia Kakhnovich, B.S., 2017. Currently: Criminalist, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, NYC
  • Donovan Trinidad, B.S., 2017. Currently: Ph.D. program, UCSF
  • Michael Wu, B.S., 2016. Currently: Criminalist, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, NYC
  • James Parziale, B.S., 2015. Currently: Ph.D. program, Cornell University
  • Anna Lerer, B.S., 2015. Currently: Adjunct CLT, John Jay College
  • Stephania Guzman, 2015. Currently: Ph.D. program, Rutgers University
  • Derek Sokolowski, B.S., 2015. Currently: M.S. program City College
  • Andre Rozado, B.S., 2013. Currently: Forensic Toxicologist, Sterling Healthcare Services
  • Tamykah Anthony, B.S., 2013. Currently: President, Xanthines Cafe
  • Andrea Lopez, B.S. 2013. Currently: Research Technician, MSKCC
  • Robert Connolly, B.S., 2012. Currently: D.O. program, NY College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Szilvia Tobak, B.S., 2012. Subsequently: M.A., Adult Education, Hunter College
  • Richard Piszczatowski, B.S., 2011. Currently: M.D./Ph.D. program, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Michael Lugo, B.S., 2011. Subsequently: US Marine Corps. Currently: San Diego Police Department
  • Lauren Weidner, B.S. 2010. Subsequently: Ph.D., 2016, Rutgers University. currently: Lecturer, Purdue University
  • Anthony Ho, B.S., 2010. Subsequently: Ph.D. program, UC-Davis
  • Casey Joe, B.S., 2009. Subsequently: M.D., 2016, American University of the Caribbean
  • Zuleyma Peralta, 2008. Subsequently: Ph.D., 2017, Mt. Sinai Medical Center


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One thought on “Lents Lab Members

  1. My name is Edwin Lin. We previously talked a few weeks ago and I could work with you on one of your research projects. I have great respect for your tons of publications and that your research associates are wonderful and outstanding people. I am looking forward to learning from you guys.


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